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Whether you want a quick ‘pit stop’ or a luxurious manicure, we can provide you with beautiful nails. All our team are trained and qualified to the highest of standards.

File & Cuticle Work

File & Polish

Express Manicure  
File, cuticles & polish

Luxury Manicure    
File, cuticles, exfoliation, massage, heated  mitts & polish. Using CND Vinylux, upto  week long wear, fast drying.

Shellac Manicure   
Long lasting vibrant shine with no drying time. Protecting and strengthening natural nail. No re-polish needed for up to 2 weeks .Includes file, cuticle tidy and Shellac application.

Standard Colour
Shellac Manicure with additive
French Shellac Manicure
Rockstar Shellac Manicure
Luxury Shellac Manicure
Shellac manicure followed by exfoliation, massage, masque and heated mitts.






Brisa Lite
Removable smoothing gel is the perfect power partner to CND Shellac. Adds a thin, flexible, leight weight protection to perfect the surface of the natural nail. Price includes professional removal.

Brisa Lite No Colour

Brisa Lite Standard Colour

Brisa Lite Standard Colour with additive

Brisa Lite French Finish

Brisa Lite Rockstar

All the following manicures available for your problematic nails. File and cuticle work finished with the suitable polish for your nails.

Recovery for brittle nails

Restoration for damaged nails

Rejuvenation for dry nails

Reward for normal nails

Fusion for peeling nails











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